5 November 2016 Market Review

Not much good happened this week in the markets, as all of the world’s major markets were negative.

The FTSE closed at 6693.3 to be down 4.3% last week. The Dax was down 4.1% last week with a close of 10259. The CAC closed the week at 4377.5 to be down 3.8%.

The Dow ended the week at 17888 to be down 1.5%. The Nasdaq composite index fell with a close of 5046.4 for the week to be down 2.8%.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week at 16905 to be down 3.1%

The Sterling had the best week of trading out of the major currencies. The Dollar lost ground against the Sterling last week 3.3% with a close of $1.255. The Dollar also fell against the Euro with a close of $1.1123 to be down 1.7%. The Dollar was also down against the Yen with a loss of 2.3% for the week with a close of 103.

The Euro was slightly lower at 0.53% to close at 114.6. The Euro also fell against the Sterling with a close of 1.1283 to be down 1.5%. The Euro was also down against the CHF 0.82% with a close of 1.077.

Brent Crude lost a huge chunk this week 8.3% with a close of $45.58 per barrel. Gold gained 1.6% for the week with a closing price of $1296.7 per ounce.