4 June 2016 Market Review

Because of the weak US economic data, most of the major markets lost ground this past week.

The FTSE closed at 6209.6 for the week to be down 0.98%.  The Dax was down 1.8% last week with the close of 10103.  The CAC ended the week at 4421.8 to be down 2.1%.

The Dow closed the week at 17807 for a loss of 0.37%.  The Nasdaq Composite Index ended the week at 4942.8 to be up slightly at 0.18%.

The Nikkei 225 ended the week at 16642 to be down 1.2%.

The Yen had the best trading with week of the major currencies because of the perception that it is safe.  The Dollar gained against the Sterling 0.82% for the week by closing at $1.4521.  The Dollar lost ground against the Euro however with a close of $1.1327 to be down 1.7%.  The Dollar lost big against the Yen 2.7% for the week, to close at 106.9.

The Euro lost 1.1% against the Yen for the week to close at 121.1.  The Euro strengthened against the Sterling however with a rise of 2.5% for the week to close at 1.2820.  The Euro gained slightly against the CHF 0.3% for the week with a close of 1.108.

Brent Crude ended the week at $49.64 per barrel, to gain 0.65%.  Gold traded higher this week with a gain of 2.7% to close at $1244.5 per ounce.