11 June 2016 Market Review

“Brexit” has loomed large over the major stock markets of the world, making most of them lose ground for the week.

The FTSE closed at 6115.8 to be down 1.5% for the week.  The Dax was down 2.7% for the week with the close of 9834.6.  The CAC closed the weekly session at 4306.7 to lose 2.6%.

The Dow was up slightly with a close of 17865 to be up 0.33% on the week.  The Nasdaq Composite Index closed the week at 4894.6 to be down 0.97%.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week at 16601 to be down 0.25%.

The Dollar had the best week among the major currencies.  The Dollar was up against the Sterling with a gain of 1.2% for the week, by closing at $1.4345.  The Dollar also gained against the Euro this last week with a close of 1.1280 to be up 0.42%.  The Dollar was also up against the Yen with a gain of 0.14% with a close of 107.1 for the week.

The Euro slid slightly against the Yen 0.28% for the week, with a close of 120.8.  The Euro did gain against the Sterling by closing the week at 1.2717 for a gain of 0.8%.  The Euro also rose against the CHF 0.06% on the week with a close of 1.1087.

Brent Crude rose 1.8% for the week to end at $50.54 per barrel.  Gold gained 2.5% for the week with a close of $1275.9 per ounce.