Selecting Your Binary Options Broker

Welcome to the new, exciting world of trading binary options!

Now that you have subscribed to our binary options service, you are going to need at least one Binary Options broker in order to trade using the service.

Although you may find one broker is enough, many subscribers have found that binary options brokers provide assets, expiration times, or entry pricing that sometimes vary from other brokers.

While having multiple broker accounts certainly is not required, it is something you may want to consider to enhance your trading experience.

Quick guide to binary options brokers – what should I look for?

Features to consider:

1) Does the broker accept clients from your country of residence

2) The payouts that the broker offers for “in the money” trades

3) The refund that the broker offers for “out of the money” trades

4) The assets that the broker offers for trading – check their “asset index”

5) The ease of use of the platform – check out broker’s demo video

6) The minimum deposit amount required to open an account

7) The minimum trade size required and the maximum trade size allowed

8) The ease and speed of opening and funding an account

9) The ease and speed of withdrawing your funds

10) The quality of support and customer service provided

Note: All of our recommended brokers do a good job or we wouldn’t recommend them. You should generally select based on your personal preference in regard to the features offered by the various brokers.