26 March 2016 Market Review

Last week the Nikkei was the only major market that actually had an up week, while the rest lost ground.  Oil went down slightly but still stayed above $40 a barrel.

The FTSE closed at 6106.5 to end the week down 1.3% and 1.5% for the month of March.  The Dax closed at 9851.4 for a loss of 1% on the week but was slightly higher for the month at 0.28%.  The CAC closed the week at 4329.7 to lose 3%, as well as losing 2.9% for the month.

The Dow closed the week at 17516 to be down 0.49%, but was […] Read more

19 March Market Review

This last week’s major markets had mixed results.  Oil continued to consolidate adding to the speculation that it may have hit the bottom finally.

The FTSE closed at 6189.6 for a gain of 0.81%.  The Dax was up 1.2% for the week with a close of 9950.8.  The CAC ended the week at 4462.5 with a loss of 0.67%.

The Dow closed the week at 17602 with a gain of 2.3%.  The Nasdaq Composite index closed the week at 4795.7 for a gain of 0.99%.

The Nikkei 225 ended the week at 16743 for a gain of 1.2%.

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12 March 2016 Market Review

Markets were mixed this last week for the major markets of the world.  The price of oil consolidated further, which has led some analysts to think that maybe the price has finally bottomed out.

The FTSE closed down for the week at 6139.8 for a loss of 0.96%.  The DAX barely edged up 0.7% for the week to close at 9831.3.  The CAC ended the week at 4492.8 to close up 0.81%.

The Dow closed the week at 17213 to end up 1.2% on the week.  The Nasdaq composite also closed up 0.67% for the week to close at 4748.5.

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5 March 2016 Market Review

This week again had all of the major markets gaining ground and oil moving up.

The FTSE closed at 6199.4 to gain 1.7% for the week.  The Dax was up 3.3% for the week with the close of 9824.2.  The CAC closed at 4456.6 to gain 3.3% as well this week.

The Dow closed at 17007 for a nice gain of 2.2% for the week.  The Nasdaq composite index closed at 4717 continue the upward trend with a gain of 2.8% on the week.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week at 17015 for a blistering gain of 5.1%.

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Forex vs Binary Options

Forex vs Binary Options

Binary Options are new to many in the investing world, however, Forex trading has been around for many years.  Many investors want to know what the difference is between these 2 methods of trading. The information below hopes to provide the answer to which one of these will be the most profitable available to you today!

Forex Trading

For those who are interested in trading Forex, it requires trading skills that are beyond beginners understanding.  Because of that, many who start out with Forex trading have a hard time really getting a grip on how to trade it.  There are many […] Read more