27 February Market Review

All of the major markets regained some of their ground last week with the price of oil gaining a little ground finally.

The FTSE closed at 6096 for a gain of 2.5% on the week and 4.2% for the month.  The Dax was up a decent 1.3% for the week and 2.5% for the month, to end at 9513.3.  The CAC closed the week at 4314.6 for a gain of 2.2% on the week and 2.7% for the month.

The Dow closed at 16640 for the week with a gain of 1.5% and 2.7% for the month respectively.  The Nasdaq composite index […] Read more

20 February Market Review

All of the major markets started to gain some ground again as the price of oil continued to fall but stay above the $30 mark.

The FTSE closed the week at 5950.2 to close up big at 4.3%.  The Dax was up big as well at 4.7% on the week to close at 9388.1.  The CAC was up the most in Europe with a 5.7% gain to close at 4223.

The Dow closed the week at 16392 to be up 2.6%.  The Nasdaq Composite Index closed at 4504.4 to be up 3.9% on the week.

The Nikkei 225 was up a whopping 6.8% […] Read more

13 February Market Review

All of the major markets lost ground again this week as the price of oil continued to slide.

The FTSE closed at 5707.6 to be down by 2.4% on the week, the Dax closed at 8967.5 to be down 3.4% for the week and the CAC closed at 3995.1 to be down 4.9% on the week.

The Dow closed at 15975 to be down 1.4% on the week.  The Nasdaq Composite Index closed the week at 4337.5 to end down 0.59%.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week at 14953 to end down a whopping 11%.

The Yen enjoyed the best week among currencies for […] Read more

Selecting Your Binary Options Broker

Welcome to the new, exciting world of trading binary options!

Now that you have subscribed to our binary options service, you are going to need at least one Binary Options broker in order to trade using the service.

Although you may find one broker is enough, many subscribers have found that binary options brokers provide assets, expiration times, or entry pricing that sometimes vary from other brokers.

While having multiple broker accounts certainly is not required, it is something you may want to consider to enhance your trading experience.

Quick guide to binary options brokers – what should I look for?

Features to consider:

1) […] Read more