26 December Market Review

26 December Market Review

26 December 2015

With the exception of the Nikkei, all of the majors made gains this week.

Europe had gains across the board with the FTSE up 3.3% for the week and up 0.26% on the month to 6254.6; Dax was up 1.1% on the week but slipped 0.23% for the month to close at 10727; and CAC was up 0.82% on the week but fell by 1.1% over the month to close at 4663.2.

The Dow and Nasdaq enjoyed healthy weekly gains with the Dow up 2.5% and Nasdaq up 2.6%. However, their monthly loss ended at 1.7% for the Dow to […] Read more

19 December Market Review

19 December Market Review

19 December 2015

This week had a U.S. interest hike, monetary easing from the Bank of Japan, as well as the continued drop of the price of crude oil, and it created mixed results.

Europe had a good week with the FTSE up 1.7% to close at 6052.4, the Dax with a gain of 2.6% to close at 10608, and the CAC closed the week at 4625.3% with a gain of 1.7%.

The U.S. was fairly flat for the week with the Dow closing down 0.79% at 17128, and the Nasdaq closing at 4923.1 to be down 0.21%.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week […] Read more

12 December Market Review

12 December 2015


Continued with last week’s gains despite better than expected U.S. economic data, while the Eurozone had very few economic data released. It started off with a low of 1.0795 on Monday due to the Atlanta Fed President saying that the U.S. economy was “solid, moderate growth” but that, “we don’t know exactly how the economy is going to evolve. We can’t commit ourselves…in advance to a particular pattern or particular schedule”. The pair then rallied the rest of the week and the EUR/USD closed at 1.0993, with a total gain of +1.1% from the previous week’s close.


With the […] Read more