9 April 2016 Market Review

Last week was a down week for all major markets except the FTSE.  Oil finally strengthened again resulting in the break between the price of oil and the market.

In Europe, the FTSE closed at 6204.4 for the week leading to a gain of 0.95%.  The Dax was down 1.8% for the week with the close of 9622.3.  The CAC ended the week at 4303.1 to be down 0.44%.

The Down closed the week at 17577 for a loss of 1.2%.  The Nasdaq composite index closed at 4850.7 to end the week down 1.3%.

The Nikkei 225 was also down this week with a close of 15822 to be 2.1% off.

The Yen enjoyed the best week of trading in the currency markets.  The Dollar gained against the Sterling 0.7% for the week with a close of $1.4105.  The Dollar however lost ground against the Euro last week with a close of $1.1405 for a loss of 0.22%.  The Dollar was also weaker against the Yen with the close of 108.4 to make a drop of 3.3% last week.

The Euro lost versus the Yen 3.1% for the week with a close of 123.6.  It did rise however against the Sterling by closing at 1.2368, to gain 0.92% for the week.

The Euro lost 0.35% against the CHF with a close of 1.0875.

Brent Crude rose a solid 8.5% for the week with a close of $41.94 per barrel.  Gold gained a decent 1.4% for the week as well with a close of $1239.5 per ounce.