30 July 2016 Market Review

This is the last trading day of July, so we will summarize the markets for the week as well as the full month.  It has now been a full month since the Brexit, and thus the markets have had plenty of time to adjust to that thought.  Here are the results.

The FTSE closed at 6724.4 to be down 0.09%% for the week but up 2.2% for July.  The Dax was up 1.9% for the week by ending at 10338 to be up 5.8% for the month.  The CAC closed the week at 4439.8 to be up 1.3% as well as gaining 3.9% for July.

The Dow closed the week at 18422 to be down 0.8% but up 2.6% for July.  The Nasdaq Composite Index closed the week at 5162.1 to be up 1.2% and rising 6.2% for the month.

The Nikkei 225 ended the week at 16569 to be down 0.35% but rising 5.7% for July.

The Yen enjoyed the best week of trading among the major currencies as the Bank of Japan held steady on their rates.  The Dollar fell against the Sterling 1.4% for the week by closing at $1.3275 but was even for the month.  The Dollar lost ground against the Euro with a close of $1.117 to be down 1.8%.  The Dollar fell against the Yen 3.7% for the week by ending at 102.3, which put it down 0.23% for July.

The Euro was weaker versus the Yen 1.9% for the week by closing at 114.3 but was flat for the month.  The Euro rose against the Sterling 0.38% by closing at 1.1884, which gave it a gain of 0.31 for July.  The Euro fell against the CHF 0.23% for the week by ending at 1.0823, and also falling for the month 0.16%.

Brent crude fell 7% this week to end at $42.49 per barrel and falling a substantial 15.6% for July.  Gold was up by closing at $1351.6 per ounce to be up 2.2% for the week and 0.57% for the month.