20 February Market Review

All of the major markets started to gain some ground again as the price of oil continued to fall but stay above the $30 mark.

The FTSE closed the week at 5950.2 to close up big at 4.3%.  The Dax was up big as well at 4.7% on the week to close at 9388.1.  The CAC was up the most in Europe with a 5.7% gain to close at 4223.

The Dow closed the week at 16392 to be up 2.6%.  The Nasdaq Composite Index closed at 4504.4 to be up 3.9% on the week.

The Nikkei 225 was up a whopping 6.8% on the week to close at 15967.

The Yen was again the winner this week among the currencies.  The Dollar gained versus the Sterling 0.79% with a close of $1.4342.  It also gained against the Euro on the week with a close of $1.1128 for a gain of 0.94%.  The Dollar however lost against the Yen 0.46% on the week with a close of 112.46.

The Euro lost against the Yen 1.8% on the week with a close of 125.15.  It lost slightly as well versus the Sterling 0.15% with a close of 1.2888.

Euro gained 0.31% for the week against the CHF with a close of 1.1009.

Brent crude fell again this week for a total of 1.05% to close at $33.01 per barrel.  Gold traded slightly lower for the week at $1230.4 an ounce to drop 0.7%.