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2 January Market Review

2 January 2016

Europe was mixed for the week, but had definite gains for the 2015 year. The FTSE was down 0.2% for the week but gained 4.7% for the year, to close at 6242.3; the Dax was up 0.14% for the week and up huge at 13% for the year, to close at 10743; the CAC ended down 0.56% for the week but had a solid year of gains for 9.1% to close at 4637.1.

The Down had both a down week and year with a -0.72% for the week and -2.3% for the year respectively to close at 17425. The Nasdaq was also down 0.81% for the week but ended up 5.9% for the year, to close at 5007.4.

The Nikkei 225 had a great week and year with a 1.4% weekly gain and 9.1% gain for the year, to close at 19034.

The Dollar had another good week. It gained against the Sterling at a clip of 0.63% to close at $1.4744, with a gain of 4% for the year. It also rose against the Euro 0.98% for the week and 9.6% for the year, to close at $1.0858. The Dollar also gained against the Yen, for a gain of 0.31% for the week and 0.35% on the year, with the close of 120.6.

The Euro struggled against the Yen to close at 131, for a loss of 0.68% on the week and 9.3% on the year. It also lost against the Sterling with a close of 1.3578 to lose 0.35% on the week and 6.2% on the year.

The Euro did ok against the CHF for a gain of 0.38 for the week, but lost 9.4% on the year.

Brent Crude fell 1.6% for the week to close at $37.28 a barrel, and lost huge for the year at -34.9%. Gold was also lower on the week with a loss of 1.7% as well as 9.6% for the year, with the close of $1059.1 per ounce.