19 December Market Review

19 December Market Review

19 December 2015

This week had a U.S. interest hike, monetary easing from the Bank of Japan, as well as the continued drop of the price of crude oil, and it created mixed results.

Europe had a good week with the FTSE up 1.7% to close at 6052.4, the Dax with a gain of 2.6% to close at 10608, and the CAC closed the week at 4625.3% with a gain of 1.7%.

The U.S. was fairly flat for the week with the Dow closing down 0.79% at 17128, and the Nasdaq closing at 4923.1 to be down 0.21%.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week at 18987 to end up trading down 1.3%.

The Dollar the best week for the currencies because of the long awaited rate increase of the Fed. It was stronger against the Sterling for a gain of 2% to close at $1.4911. It also rose against the Euro by 1.4% to end the week at $1.0846. And finally, again the Yen, it closed at 121.2 making it have a gain of 0.21% for the week.

The Euro struggled against the Yen for a loss of 1.6% to end at 131.5. It was able to rise against the Sterling to 1.3747 for a gain of 0.59%. It wasn’t so lucky against the CHF for a loss of 0.31% to close at 1.0782.

Brent crude closed the week at $36.88 a barrel for a loss of 2.8% for the week. Gold also suffered to close at $1065.4 per ounce with a loss of 0.99% for the week.