13 February Market Review

All of the major markets lost ground again this week as the price of oil continued to slide.

The FTSE closed at 5707.6 to be down by 2.4% on the week, the Dax closed at 8967.5 to be down 3.4% for the week and the CAC closed at 3995.1 to be down 4.9% on the week.

The Dow closed at 15975 to be down 1.4% on the week.  The Nasdaq Composite Index closed the week at 4337.5 to end down 0.59%.

The Nikkei 225 closed the week at 14953 to end down a whopping 11%.

The Yen enjoyed the best week among currencies for the week.  The Dollar was essentially flat against the Sterling for a gain of 0.06% with a closing at $1.4458.  The Dollar ended up falling against the Euro for a close of $1.1234 to be down 0.94%.  The Dollar also fell against the Yen with a loss of 4% to close at 112.97.

The Euro lost 2.5% for the week to close at 126.9.  It did however gain versus the Sterling 1% to close at 1.2869 for the week.

The Euro lost 0.79% against the CHF to close at 1.0974.

Brent Crude fell again this week to $33.36, for a total loss of 2.1%.  Gold gained significantly 5.6% to close at $1239.1 per ounce for the week.